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    Frequently Asked Questions AND Answers Too!

    Do you ship your cakes?

    No, unfortunately due to the fragile nature of our specialty cakes and cupcakes we do not ship them.  We do however, hand deliver cakes to clients in the NYC area and beyond for an extra charge depending on the location.  Please contact us to discuss your location and specific delivery needs.

    How much do your cakes and cupcakes cost?
    Each of our custom cakes is unique, so we price each cake individually.  Cupcakes too.  Price is calculated and based on the complexity of design and construction as well as the size of each cake and how many people it must feed.  We require a minimum of $250. for all custom cakes.  For cupcakes we require a minimum order of 2 dozen.

    How much advance notice do you need to make my cake?
    If you are considering ordering a cake from db sweets and you have a specific date in mind, please contact us immediately to allow us to check our calendar and let you know if we are available to create a cake for you.  We recommend contacting us well in advance of your event to ensure that we will be able to accomodate your requests.  For large event and wedding cakes, anywhere from several months to up to one year is ample notice.   We can often create custom cakes for clients with as little as 2 weeks notice, depending on our schedule.

    Do you make gluten free, wheat free, sugar free or dairy free cakes?
    Unfortunately we only make cakes using real butter, real milk, real eggs, real sugar. (and you can bet they taste REAL good too!)

    Do you have a retail store where I can visit and purchase a cake?
    At this time we only accept custom cake and cupcake orders which are created in our kitchen and do not currently have a retail outlet.  We are however, working on a plan to open an establishment in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn where our cakes, cupcakes and other bakery items can be purchased hopefully sometime in 2013

    How do I order a cake from db sweets?
    There are many important bits of information which are needed from you, the client, when ordering a cake.
    *the date of your event
    *the location of your event
    *the amount of people your cake must feed
    *cake flavor choice
    *filling choice
    *design ideas, styles, colors, textures, etc...
    After we make sure that our calendar can accomodate your date, we will then discuss the overall look of your custom cake.  We can either do this initial consultation via phone, email or even in person if you're local!  After this consultation we should have the blueprints for what will become your db sweets custom crafted cake.  We can continue to discuss ideas by phone or email and with sketches until we are both satisfied enough to "lock" the design.  It's a process where we will work together as a team to ultimately achieve the results you desire.
    *Please contact us by phone or email to place your order-thanks!


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