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Due to the insane popularity of cupcakes and by overwhelming customer demand
db sweets is now creating CUPCAKES! 


Not just for birthdays!!
Perfect for weddings, baby showers, corporate party favors....


db sweets cupcakes can be created in the same flavors as db sweets custom cakes.  Please refer to our Flavors and Fillings page to pick your favorites.

db sweets cupcakes can be topped with buttercream in the flavor of your choice.   Buttercream can be tinted any color of your choosing. 

You may also choose to further customize your db sweets cupcakes by topping them with more than just icing.  The top of each cupcake can be covered with a layer of buttercream then a design can be created in fondant, or sculpted from gumpaste or marzipan and placed on top. 


db sweets cupcakes can be as basic or as ornate as you desire.  We can create traditional buttercream swirly whip tops, fill with buttercream, stuff with marshmallows or jam, cover in fondant, sprinkle with sugar flowers, top with jimmys, sugar crystals, marzipan figures-the possibilities are endless! 
db sweets cupcakes are priced according to complexity of design.  Prices start at $3.00 per cupcake.  2 dozen minimum order required.

* we can also do MINI CUPCAKES....